13 August, 2020
02:20:10 PM

Duration: 2006-2008

Location: Jhalda-I, Jhalda-II,Joypur, Baghmundi & Arsha Blocks in Purulia districts of West Bengal

Coverage: 707563 People in 625 villages

Financial involvement : 7,48,883.00 

Fluoride contamination of groundwater, primary sources for rural drinking water in West Bengal, especially at 17 blocks under Purulia district has become a health issue.

 PDAMSMS Fluoride MitigationProgram with support from UNICEF & PHE Dept. Govt. of West Bengal has been compassing program of Laboratory Testing of the Ground Water at Jhalda-I, Jhalda-II, Jaypur, block.

 Awareness regarding harmful effects of fluoride & Bacteriological contamination becomes the major component ofPDAMSMS Fluoride Mitigation Program where people asked to get their  drinkingwater tested and if Fluoride problem is found, people are advised to use FluorideRemoval Water Filter to be available with PDAMSMS Sanitary Mart at a reasonable cost.

Purulia District Agragami Mahila O Sisu Mangal Samiti
Working for Social Changes

Purulia District Agragami Mahila O Sisu Mangal Samiti, Jhalda, Baghmundi Road, Jargo – 723212. Purulia – District, West Bengal.
Phone No: Phone : +91 9933090870,
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