13 August, 2020
02:09:35 PM

Total Sanitation Campaign

Duration: 1998-2015

Location: Jhalda-I & II  Blocks  in Purulia districts of West Bengal

Coverage: 137743 People in 143 villages

Financial involvement : 66,00,000.00(Approx)

Sanitation,health and environment are three important components of Indian Development Scenarioin general and Purulia district of W.B. in particular. Purulia district farespoorly in comparison to its counterparts in the state. People are unaware ofproper sanitation, health, and hygiene. They are still guided by superstitionsand age-old beliefs. So, sanitation is an important factor for fastening healthamong people as well as sustaining environment. Lack of sanitation in ruralsociety is primarily responsible for disease, death, morbidity and malnutritionof children, women and others in society.

With a view to make therural people aware in respect of sanitation, health and hygiene and for properimplementation of sanitation programme in rural areas, a Sanitary Mart has beenset up at Jargo with the financial assistance from UNICEF, Govt. of West Bengalunder the supervision of Purulia Zilla Parishad. The main objective ofthe program is to install low-cost latrine to individual households and in thePrimary Schools and to build up hygienic behaviours by creating awareness andbehaviour change communications amongst the targeted population.

More than 3000 nos. House Hold Latrines have so farbeen constructed since the inception of the program. Apart from that 50 nos. Toiletblock in Schools, 12 nos. In ICDS centres and 27nos. Forced lift Hand Pumpincluding installation of overhead tank and Wash Basin block have also beenconstructed during the project period.

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