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Past Projects


 Duration: 2010-2013

Location: Jhalda-I,Jhalda-II, Joypur, Baghmundi ,Arsha,Manbazar-I, Manbazar-II, Puncha,Balarampur,  & Barabazar Blocks inPurulia districts of West Bengal Coverage: 86 GPs                                                                                           Financial involvement : 28,32,000.00

Introduction:Community’s health in the community’s hands” is the motto of the programme, the planned intervention seeks to drive home a sense ofresponsibility among common people towards their own health care managementunder the leadership of PRI. CHCMI seeks to converge community action at thegrass-root level to the cause of promoting good health and preventing sicknessin the community. Very simply, it seeks to motivate, enlighten, and involveindividuals and institutions to community action for achieving good health andwell being of the community.


Health care management has three distinctivefeatures i.e. promotive, preventive and curative. Active involvement of thecommunities is required especially with regard to the first two aspects.Community health care management initiative, therefore, seeks to achieve thefollowing objectives:

i)To develop an appropriate attitude andknowledge of all concerned Govt. functionaries, PRI functionaries, Self HelpGroups, and functionaries  of related institutions in order for them toact as change agents to facilitate the process leading to "Community’s healthin the community’s hand."

ii) To institutionalize the system ofpublic health monitoring by the panchayats.

Iii)To sensitize communities on the issuesof public health with particular reference to disease prevalence, mortalityand morbidity pattern, birth, nutrition, safe drinking water, sanitation andpersonal hygiene, immunization, nutritional status, care for adolescent,pregnant and lactating mothers.

The P&R.D. Dept. Govt. of West Bengallaunched the CHCMI to usher in a convergence of services at the communitylevel. The focus of this novel intervention is the process of promotingcommunity involvement in health care management through awareness generationprogramme and capacity building exercises, while ensuring delivery of servicesat the community level. With support from CARE India incollaboration with P&RD Dep’t. Govt. of West Bengal, CHCMI has beenimplemented in 10 blocks of Purulia district by AGRAGAMI. Several activitieslike sensitization & training of SHGs, PRI etc are being implemented to achievethe prime objective of the project i.e.,

a)Strengthenhealth and nutrition interventions through the micro-planning process;

b)InvolvePRIs and CBOs with proper representation of women from poorest and mostmarginalized groups;

c)Improvehealth care delivery system at the Gram Samsad level through intuitionaldevelopment and convergence of Health and ICDS services; &

d)Advocategood practices for republication in blocks of remaining districts.   

Purulia District Agragami Mahila O Sisu Mangal Samiti
Working for Social Changes

Purulia District Agragami Mahila O Sisu Mangal Samiti, Jhalda, Baghmundi Road, Jargo – 723212. Purulia – District, West Bengal.
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