24 February, 2019
09:14:06 AM
Our programme

Health Education among SHG and VHSNC Members:

A Pilot initiative in Purulia in convergence with NRLM and Health

The Concept:

The HEVS project thrives to create a convergence between the National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) and the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) through the strengthening of SHG subcluster and cluster platforms by training them to promote health education in their monthly meetings subsequently establishing an effective flow of information from the community level to the frontline workers to bring about positive changes in the reproductive health of rural women in the district of Purulia. The project does not include the initiation of any parallel systems or the introduction of any new human resource in its implementation strategy. It seeks only to strengthen the existing platforms which are already operational within the villages (PRI, SHGs, and VHSNCs).

The initiative is being undertaken in 2 Blocks in the district of Purulia covering a total of 8 GPs (4 GPs from each block) and 103 subclusters.

Objective of thePilot Project:

Provide health education in monthly meeting of SHGs

Engagement & training of cluster & sub cluster representatives for joint planning and review of health initiatives by SHGs

Aligning of SHG sub clusters with sub centre health activities

Reconstitution,regularization and capacitating of the VHSNCs

Facilitate Panchayat involvement in the entire process through strengthening of 4 Saturday meetings.


Total Blocks                                                  2

Total GPs                                                       8

Total Clusters                                               8

Total SHGs                                                    1114

Total Village Organizations (VO)            88


Total no. of VO leaders trained                                                  159

Total no. of groups reached through health discussion      418

Total Households reached through health discussion         4060

Total no. of VHSNCs formed & trained                                     58

Participation of elected representatives in VHSNC and 4 Saturday meetings for better planning Supporting funds for SHG sub cluster leaders to continue activity after project phases out.



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