24 February, 2019
09:28:11 AM
Our programme

.Project Briddhi, designed with support from Glaxosmithkline Consumer Healthcare Ltd. Aims to improve the nutritional status among severely malnourished children through growth monitoring, behavior change communication and strengthening of health & nutrition service delivery system. The work“Briddhi” means growth & bears Its appropriate meaning for children of 3-6years suffering from severe and acute malnutrition in two blocks of Purulia. Purulia Agragami is implementing the project in partnership with CARE and works directly with the target beneficiaries to address the gaps in nutrition. The project works towards enhancing the skill of the front line health workers.Mothers are taught about feeding practices, alternative recipes etc. Gender issues are also addressed if it, affects the nutrition status of a girl children. 

The project is implementing in two blocks of Purulia district named Purulia-II & Jhalda-II consisting 404  no. Anganwadi Centres.

Being over one year of its implementation the project has achieved  :-

A total population of 300000 (approx) reached by the projectintervention in one year.

A total of 1358 severely malnourished children benefited.

Total801 front line workers trained in two rounds.

Among 15,282 children of 3-6 years, 1424 children identified as severely malnourished.

Of all the children identified at the initiation of the project,85% overcame to normal or moderate. Three Gram Panchayats have been motivated to give their own funds towards addressing malnutrition issues in their locality.


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