24 February, 2019
08:48:32 AM
Our programme

Community Health CareManagement Initiative (CHCMI)


With support from CAREIndia in collaboration with P&RD Dept. Govt. of West Bengal, CHCMI Programhas been implemented in 10 Blocks   i.e.,Jhalda-I, Jhalda-II, Joypur,  Arsha, Baghmundi, Balarampur, Barabazar, Manbazar-I,Manbazar-II & Puncha Block within the District of Purulia, WestBengal   The project covered 834 Nos. Gram Sansad under 86 Nos.G.P and reached to 13,36,754 No. of Population within it's project area.   

The objects of the project: PRI & CBO ensure  accesses demand and control by utilizingresources and participants of rural families, specially women from poor’s andmost marginalized group for effective management of Public Health supported byresponsive system.

 Several activities includingsanitization & training of SHGs, PRI etc are implemented like:

*      Strengthen Health & Nutrition interventions through micro-planning process.

*     Involve PRIs and CBOs with proper representation of women from poorest and mostmarginalized groups.

*    Improve health care delivery system at the Gram Samsad level throughinstitutional development and convergence of health and ICD Services.

*     Advocate good practices for republication in blocks of remainingdistricts. 


Purulia District Agragami Mahila O Sisu Mangal Samiti
Working for Social Changes

Purulia District Agragami Mahila O Sisu Mangal Samiti, Jhalda, Baghmundi Road, Jargo – 723212. Purulia – District, West Bengal.
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