24 February, 2019
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Menstrual Hygiene Management Program

» Menstrual Hygiene Management Program

Menstruation and menstrual practice remains as a tabooand socio-cultural restriction for women and adolescent girls, yet it is notspoken about openly causing unnecessary embarrassment and shame among thecommunity. There is a traditional practice still continuing in the communitysuch as using clothes as absorbent and reused for several months after wash.There is also an overpowering concern to keep drying and airing of cloths intheir house, that result in ending poor hygienic and health concern. Althoughpoor Sanitation is correlated with absenteeism and drop out of the girls,efforts in school sanitation to address this issue have ignored menstrualmanagement in toilet design and construction mainly for girls’ toilet. Unsafedisposal, throwing used cloth into ponds, rivers or in the field has been themajor concern of hygiene and environment. The NFHS-4 in 2015-16 indicates that Sex ratioof the total population (females per 1,000 males) 985 in Rual and  983 in Urban. Sex ratio at birth for childrenborn in the last five years (females per 1,000 males) 1,079 in Rural and 998 inUrban. Marriage and Fertility , Women age 20-24 years married before age 18years (%) 42.4in rural and  43.7 inUrban. Men age 25-29 years married before age 21 years (%). Women age 15-19years who were already mothers or pregnant at the time of the survey (%) 22.2in Rural and 21.7 in Urban.

Andto tackle the situation " Menstrual Hygiene Management Program" hasbeen initiated in 50 nos. of Schools in eight blocks of Purulia district withsupport from NIRMAN Foundation, Kolkata under a CSR initiative of COAL IndiaLtd.

VendingMachine & Incinerator have been installed in each school including supplyingof 540 packets containing 3 nos. Napkins in each packet initially.. Awarenessprogram / training were provided to the adolescent girl students and female teachersof the schools. Monitoring and maintenance of the machines are being conductedon regular  basis.

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