12 July, 2024
10:31:19 PM
Ongoing Project

WATER TEST LABORATORY UNDER National Rural Drinking Water Quality Monitoring & Surveillance Program

Location: 131villages within Jhalda-I Block  underPurulia district in West Bengal

Coverage: 1, 37,143 nos. population.

FinancialInvolvement:       (up to 2017-18)

 The water problem is notonly confined to the quantity of water available, but also to the quality ofwater available. In many sources, the water has excess iron, brackishness andfluoride and infected with guinea worms. Bacteriological contamination is foundin a vast number of villages. In many areas, water-borne diseases are beingreported. The situation can be improved by water quality monitoring, safety ofwater source and treatment. As such the necessity of a regular water qualitymonitoring of the existing sources and the newly developed sources, all overthe country, has been considered as an important priority in the Mission. Aregular water quality monitoring is particularly important for bacteriologicalcontamination. And with that view Agragami is running it’s existing Water TestLabarotrty under National Rural Drinking Water Quality Monitoring & SurveillanceProgram at Jargo, Puruliasince 2008with financial and Technical support of Public HealthEngineering Dept. Govt. Of West Bengal.

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