03 June, 2020
04:32:16 PM
Current Report

Observation of UH Day

  • Org. By-PuruliaDistrict Agragami Mahila O Sisu Mangal Samiti

    Supported By:  VIKASH SAMUKHYA

    Dated 12th December 2019

    A Rally participated by AWWs, ASHA Workers, Adolescent girls & Civic Volunteers of nearby villages was organized at Tulin, Jhalda-I Block of Purulia District (W.B) with different stakeholders of the society with banners & Placards containing messages of UHCDay. Pradhan, Tulin Gram Panchayat & Officer-in-Charge, Tulin PoliceStation flagged the Rally.  After covering about 2 K.M. throughout the whole town the Rally ended and the participants assembled at Open place adjacent to Police Station. After deliberations of the resource persons focusing on the objects of UHC, participants took pledged to work together to build a society where everyone should enjoy health services without any hindrances. 

     A Workshop was also organized on the occasion at Block Conference Hall, Purulia-II Block inaugurated by Hon’ble Savapati, Purulia-II Panchayat Samiti  & presided by Jt. BDO, Purulia-II Block. In his inaugural session, Savapati mentioned that everyone should have the right to access quality, people-centered care without any hardship and appealed to raise awareness of communities on UHC and their human right to quality health. The discussion was also done on different health-related issues and different health facilities available under Govt Schemes. The workshop ended with Pledge # Work together towards Good Health & Wellbeing for all. Care without financial hardship by service provider (Govt.) oath was taken so that nobody remains left out from health service.



AGRAGAMIhas performed an Awareness Rally about # Water Conservationwith a focus on #SAVE WATER__SAVE LIFE.

The program was implemented by our guests from District Administration, Head of theInstitutions of different Schools and supported by different KANYASHREE CLUBs.The program took place in Jhalda town with more than 100 adolescent girls andothers from our community.

Hon'bleSDO, Jhalda flag off the Rally with his most valuable and relevantdeliberations and appealed everyone to come forward to Save Water to save ourfuture as well as to save our planet. Among other speakers, Head Mistress ofJhalda Girls High School also appealed to Save Water as every drop of water isvery precious. 

Afterthe Rally some demands were placed from our organization before the Hon'bleChairman, Jhalda Municipality related to Water Conservation like - Fittingfixing of Stopcocks in each and every water stand posts; Arrangement of GroundWater recharging with Rainwater, To make Jhalda Plastic-free zone, etc. And weare very much thankful to him for his very very positive response with assuranceto take immediate measures in this regard.

We,#AGRAGAMI want to thank every participant especially the Kanyashree ClubMembers for their active support and joining with us to make the program agrand success.

Observation of Safe Motherhood Day


» Dry Food Distribution at Bankura

Relief materials were distributed to 300 no.vulnerable families in different areas of Bankura municipality, sponsored byATC, India, & CINI, West Bengal. Our volunteersdistributed the materials containing food items, soap, masks andsanitizers etc following the norms of social distancing, washing their handsbefore and after distribution, wearing masks. We are thankful to Local MLA, Sm.Shampa Daripa and others  forcooperation. 

» Distribution of Nutrient

COVID – 19 in India has deprived manypoor families of their income as they are all at home in lockdownsituation.  Many of their childrenslipping into malnutrition. Pregnant and lactating mothers in these familiesare going hungry. This will compromise their immune response and make them moresusceptible to the virus. To combat with the situation 500 Packet of Nutrition Supplement “CINI Nutrimix” was distributedto the children, pregnant and lactating mothers in different places of Bankuratown with the help of local ICDS workers. 

» Dry Ration distribution at Jargo, Purulia

50 packets of dry ration distributed to hard-hitfamilies of Illu-Jargo G.P. Jhalda, Purulia on 16 th April in the officepremises of Purulia Agragami at Jargo maintaining social distancing and othernorms.

» Cash Support

Cash support of Rs.1000/=each was provided to 15 no of  People living with HIV/AIDS and othersas their life and livelihood are in serious threat. The fund supported byCINI, West Bengal.

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